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We are like a dog knowing when you have food in your pocket.  We are good at finding what doesn't belong and placing the information in your hands to make informed decisions.  We are your trusted source when you have a need for investigative work to include interviews, surveillance, research, finding records, identifying fraudulent activity. 

Private Investigations

Leathers & Associates is a Texas Licensed Private Investigations Company. We have extensive experience in investigations and training others to investigate.  We are thorough, provide details, and a report, when applicable.  Investigations are critically important when needed.  The key is to have thorough investigators that have expertise in interviews and collecting key facts before beginning and they make the best use of time.  We are discreet, confidential, and experienced.  The need for an investigation is emotional and difficult.   We recognize that and will do our best to deliver even difficult answers with sensitivity and details that will help you make decisions and move forward.

Texas Lic# A10489101