Our Investigative Services

We provide private investigation services to insurance companies, attorneys, individuals, others who may need covert expert to find answers to prove or disprove a concern.  

If we don't have the expertise, we are members and associated with Private Investigative organizations to help you find an expert for your needs or we can partner with them if you have multiple needs. Our goal is to be a solution to your needs whether it involves us, or we have a better contact for you.

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Clients Hire Us to Investigate...

Interviews with Professionals

Professional Interviews

Interviews Subjects Witnesses Others

Professional Interviews, recorded or not

Independent third party to make the person feel comfortable

White Collar Criminal & Civil Cases

Fraud - Healthcare, Banking, Money Laundering, Embezzlement

Fraud Investigations

Investigations Fraud Financial Healthcare Banking

Fraud Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigations

Insurance claims injury commercial medicare medicaid

Insurance claims investigations

Insurance claims investigations and reviews

Medicare & Medicaid


Workers Comp or Injury Claims

Leathers is a Merchant Marine of 17 years.  Familiar with US Coast Guard Policies to prevent accidents and injuries, can assess whether policies on the boat were current and met USCG policy.

Maritime Accidents Injury

Maritime Law Accidents Injuries

Merchant Mariner Accidents Injury

infidelity divorce child custody

Family Divorce Infidelity Custody Adoption Surrogate

Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Surrogate

Surveillance - spouse, workers comp or vehicle injury, custody

Surveilling Subjects


Surveil Spouse Hostile Employees Behavior with Child

Abductions, Sexual Trafficked Victims

Asset Location - cars, property, houses, more

Background Checks - new hire, etc.

Address, Email, Phone Numbers, Social Media

Property assets people background checks

Tracing money assets background people

Links between people money assets

Ethical Hacking Cyber Risks Hidden Files

Ethical Hacking Cyber Risks Hidden Files

IT forensics - Computer, Networks, Phones, identity theft, ethical hacking, and more

What our customers are saying

I was in desperate need of information what I believed to be fraud.  I contacted Leathers & Associates discussed by concerns.  Without further ado, they gathere‚Äčd information from me and began to delve into this situation.  The response time and gathering of information was thorough and timely.  They provided detailed information and provided suggestions on next steps along with pros and cons.  I would highly recommend Leathers & Associates and Ms. Miller.  My money was well spent and will definitely use them again if the need arises.  Anonymous 8/10/2019

Legal Matter - anonymous 

Due to sensitivity situations, we offer anonymous testimonials to protect our clients.  Our clients safety and confidentiality is more important than displaying their name.

Angela approaches every task with the impeccable professionalism. She is very knowledgeable and considered and expert in her field. I have worked with Angela on numerous projects and have been impressed with her results.

John H. Frogge

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