Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a maritime industry investigation?

A Maritime Investigation is related to accidents, policies, procedures related to offshore or inland vessels involved in transportation or oil industry work.  You might want an investigator with a maritime background to interview witnesses to an offshore/oilfield accident. Their experience with the vast protocols and coast guard rules for offshore vessels might make a difference in the questions asked and discovery requests.

When was the last time the Emergency Rescue Craft was tests?  Does everyone have a Dynamic Position ("DP") Certification if the ship has a "cruise control" for boats? These mariners need many hours documented to run the DP Control.  

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What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the process of watching someone discretely possibly with photos or video.

Why Do I need Surveillance?

Surveillance may be performed to determine if a spouse is cheating, if a claimant is really injured, watch employee behavior.  There is typically a suspicion of bad behavior by the subject for you to want them surveilled.

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What is White Collar Criminal Fraud Investigation?

White Collar usually described the professionals with a degree, even doctorates, that involve financial crimes.  This can be physician or dentist being audited or investigated for billing coding fraud.  CEOs that have taken bribes or embezzled or misappropriated the company's money or someone else's money.  This can be hiding money to prevent paying taxes.  This can also be taking money in exchange for a quid pro quo action.  These are typically federal charges, although some could be state courts.

Medical Dental Billing Coding is one of our specialties.  Many insurance companies including Medicare are adding Money Laundering/ RICO charges because it is easier to prove than the billing coding criminal aspect.  This is not always the case but a new trend.

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What is an asset search?

Asset searches are necessary to assure that all heirs and assets are discovered when an estate is settled after a loved one’s death. It’s not uncommon to find insurance policies and assets that were long forgotten by the deceased. Asset searches are important in divorce cases also to identify assets both parties are not aware of as well as to see if assets were moved, sold, etc. compared to divorce filing to find hidden assets. Bank accounts can be located in these cases, as well. We have a partner that does financial account location. These bank assets can be searched by state(s), US, or international. These are expensive and it's important to limit the search area, if possible. This will not give account numbers. Again, confidentiality is a must and what is release if limited to regulations.

What are assets? 

Large dollar items such as home, automobiles, investments, commercial property, boat, jewelry.  This list is not all inclusive.

What is a lien search?

When you owe a debt that is unpaid, the lending institution may put a lien on assets to prevent the sale without the lien value being paid off. For example, you buy a house, and the lender is Millionaire Bank.  The bank has a lien on the house until the note is paid off.  If you have work done to your home and you don't pay the contractor, the contractor may go through the processes to get a judgement and a lien placed on the property.  In most cases the title company can find this information at the time leading up to closing, but if the person or business has closed and relocated, you may need help finding them to get the lien paid off or verify the validity of the lien.  Sometimes, liens get placed on the wrong property with transposition of numbers or finding the wrong person.


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