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Leathers & Associates

       We are a young company; however, we all have more than 20 years experience each in our areas of expertise while in other careers.  We have a merchant marine, healthcare medical billing coding expert, and we have all had the need to track down other information and people over the years.  We saw an opportunity to offer affordable, dependable, honest consulting & investigation services to individuals, businesses and attorneys in DFW, Arlington to Dallas to Fort Worth.  We are well connected and network, so we ensure our customers get results and lead them to answers.  This is a delicate position as the answers may be hurtful and we understand that.

‚ÄčList of Services‚Äč

Asset Location & Tracking

Witness or Party Interviews with or without recording

Investigations - Maritime Law, Healthcare Fraud & Abuse, Criminal or Civil

Opposition Research

Insurance Claim Investigations

Divorce (Business or Personal) - Hidden Assets, Financial Valuation


Child Custody

Surveillance - injury or infidelity

IT forensic needs - phone or computers

Ethical Hacking and Ethical Corporate physical security testing

Meet the Team

Leigh Leathers, Owner, Texas License Private Investigator

Mr. Leathers is a Captain in the Merchant Marines in the Maritime Industry for over 15 years with a 6000 ton unlimited license. Mr. Leathers is a licensed Paramedic in Texas. He has an associates degree in Solar Energy, Certified Master Scuba Dive Instructor, Certified decompression chamber, surveillance divorce, injury, custody cases, business operations, extensive handgun training for the rare cases that involve these areas.  Mr. Leathers is also a Texas Licensed PPO/Executive Protection Agent where his extensive training can be trusted.

Angela Miller, Owner, Texas License Private Investigator

Ms. Miller is a certified medical billing & dental medical coder, certified in healthcare compliance. Ms. Miller has led numerous investigation, consulting, audits, interviews, and developed associated reports with and without attorney client privilege around insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, UHC in DFW, as well as National. She has been performing healthcare consulting, investigations and audits for more than 25 years. 

We have performed other investigative activity as entrepreneurs whether that's licensing requirements related to background checks, employee activity, help friends research regulatory policies, locate assets or people. We decided to form Leathers & Associates because it complements our expertise and our respective jobs.

Members of Texas Assoc. of Licensed Investigators and North Texas Private Investigators Association.

Company Texas Lic# A10489101